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I enjoy getting to share my experiences through lectures.

The presentations combine a slide show, dialogue and time for questions and answers! 


If your group would like to schedule a lecture with me,

please read through the following information and contact me here.

Fee Structure for Programs, by County and Type of Group

Standard Fees:  $75 for talks located in Wake County and $100 for adjacent counties.  

    If you are outside of the adjacent counties, please contact me and we will discuss fees.


Youth groups: (i.e. schools, scouts, youth programs) 

    within Wake County: I ask $25 to help with travel expenses. 

    in counties adjacent to Wake: I ask $35 

    If your youth group does not have the funds, please contact me and we will discuss the situation.


Nonprofit groups: I ask either for the standard fees above, or that a donation basket be put out to gather funds for my travel expenses. 

Programs Offered

 1.  Bald Eagles of Jordan Lake, with the eagles at the core of the talk


 2.  Jordan Lake Neighborhood which has all sorts of birds as well as bald eagles

 3.  Programs can be structured to meet the interest and age of your group.  Let me know the topic/approach you would like to see and we can certainly talk about a program for you.


All programs are family friendly.

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