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     I have been a licensed veterinarian in NC since 1993 - mostly as a primary care equine doctor.  After a serious accident in 2007, I took up photography in 2010 for the physical therapy it provided me.  I could no longer practice veterinary medicine with the horses but I could and did turn my interests to the wild and wonderful world of Jordan Lake. With my photos I could take home the day’s observations and make records of the field studies I was doing on the bald eagles, ospreys and just about anything else that caught my attention.  I was once again at work with the critters.


     I have been studying the eagles and ospreys as well as their bird kin and other neighbors in Wake and Chatham counties for more than 8 years.  The interaction between all the species and their environment is what gives me pause, questions, and a pursuit of answers with my camera and my background as a veterinarian.  Finding answers to a balanced environment is the key to a good life for humans and birds both.  I hope my studies and my sharing of what I have learned will take us a step forward in our understanding and appreciation of all of nature here in NC.  In that pursuit, my photography covers birds large and small, resident and migrant, as I find them within their daily lives.


You can see my photo print gallery at doc ellen's fine art photography

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