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Laugh With Doc Ellen...

Uh, oh. As I watched a hawk zip over my head this morning, I found myself thinking it sure looked liked a "T" in flight and that could make it an Accipiter (Cooper's hawk or sharp-shinned hawk). But then I glanced at the wings as it zipped past and went to attack a crow that was perched in a tree, and said no, leading wing edge said it had to be a red-shouldered hawk. Then my brain said wait a minute, red-shouldered hawks don't usually go after something like a crow. And I dismissed all those thoughts because two juvenile eagles went across the sky chasing each other. Then I got home and started looking at this morning's photos. I should always go with my first thought. It was an Accipiter. Drat that I didn't notice that LONG tail and its band configuration. The hawk is a sharp-shinned hawk.

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1 Comment

Sybil Fisher
Sybil Fisher
Sep 16, 2019

Great!! PHOTOS!!

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